Free Car

We have just bought a little car for you to use when you stay at Apartment on King.  It’s a Hyundai Getz and it’s yours at no extra charge, included in the daily rate.

The idea is to save you money – you grab a cab from the airport and back again, and use the Apartment car in between.  Its easier all round  – and you get here quicker!

We have devised some very simple conditions

1)    That you fill it up on your return to King St so it ends up with a full tank for the next person
2)    That you take out all your coffee cups and other bits and pieces
3)    That you show us a current drivers licence valid for Australia.
4)    That by driving it – you undertake to pay for any fines or fees that you incur.
5)    That you let us know if you dent it!
6)    That if you are under 25 there is a $1250 excess on any bingles, but over that age there is no excess for you to pay.

Otherwise it’s yours to use as you please – day trips wherever you like.